Who should use an advertising jingle?

Successful long-term advertisers benefit from the instant recall and consistent branding of a radio or TV jingle.

Advertising jingles are as important as a graphic logo, and audio images provide a lasting identity that can be even more powerful than print.

An advertising jingle keeps on selling long after it's first hearing because a catchy jingle or audio logo leaves the listener still singing it after it's finished, meaning you get more for your advertising dollar because a single spot seems to "last longer".

When your customers are singing your song, it'll be music to your ears.

"Our brand awareness (Colmar Brunton Survey, 2006) has reached 94% of New Zealanders. I can tell you that this jingle has made us millions over the years. Its catchy little tune is sung to me several times a week from people I meet on the street!"

Mike Pero - Mike Pero Mortgages