Jeremy Wilson - Directions Advertising

"We've worked with jingle.co.nz on several projects for our clients including Stonewood Homes and Floorpride Carpets. The best testimonial is a repeat customer... and we are definately that".

Dean Brownie - Brownies Mattress Direct

"I am very impressed with my Brownies Mattress Direct jingle. So impressed, that I've had no hesitation in recommending jingle.co.nz to several other business colleagues".

Shane Loomb - iQ Toys

"After a couple of emails & phone calls, within 2 weeks we had a new jingle! Its been a great way to build our brand identity and perfect for getting new customers to www.iqtoys.co.nz "

"Our brand awareness (Colmar Brunton Survey, 2006) has reached 94% of New Zealanders. I can tell you that this jingle has made us millions over the years. Its catchy little tune is sung to me several times a week from people I meet on the street!"

Mike Pero - Mike Pero Mortgages